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Every year around this time (usually a fair bit earlier in the season) I've been running Talkback threads through my Facebook ever since various forums started to dry up.

In recent years, I've been trying REALLY HARD to distance myself from Facebook, so I'm trying something new this year:

I created a discord server for Talkback (Discussions) on many of the current running series and/or upcoming movies. 

Talkbacks, in the past, have always been a great way to get the community involved with the building plot of a particular series or movie. It's something that's been kind of "drying up" in recent years and something I've really missed with interactions since Facebook started push many forums to die out.

If you'd like to join, check out this link:


Note to Mod: I'm unsure if you have a policy related to "advertising sites" or something in that verbage. If you do, I'd like to see about some sort of community building project. I'm mostly posting it here as a community outreach / experiment to see how popular this format is. I'd LOVE to intergrate something like this into Emby. If you have any ideas or thoughts on this or any other part of this post, please reach out to me.

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