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Pfsense PIA VPN - access

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I am trying to set up Emby to be accessible behind my VPN on pfsense.

I have setup the VPN on the router and it seems to be working, I am trying to follow https://blog.linuxserver.io/2017/05/01/how-to-run-pfsense-with-pia-vpn-but-still-use-plex-remote-access/

as a guide, I know its for plex but I assume the principle is the same.

However when testing I cannot access the server remotely when the VPN is on.


Any assistance with this would be very appreciated


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4 hours ago, Luke said:

Hi, what happens when you try to access the server? Does the server display the correct remote address?

So after many hours of troubleshooting and trial and error. It seems to be the unraid server as a whole, also unable to access any open ports for other dockers. 


Tested with a clean emby server on a different server and it worked just fine. So need to troubleshoot that server itself.

Thanks for the response Luke.

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