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Ambiguous color scheme setting up Emby

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I have an Android TV box called "TVhub" Not sure what AndroidTV version it have, but it states "Version 9" and probably refers the Android version...

The thing is that every time I have been forced to reset the system I have had serious problems logging into my account on it. The emby.media/pin have never worked (error with username/password for some reason)

So I add the address manually and that works. But usually it takes two or three tries before I succeed, as I always are fooled by the button I think is selected. So instead of pressing what I think is "next" I press "Cancel". 


Buttons here are "Next", "Skip and add IP manually" and "Cancel". Guess what button is selected? (Answer "Next")

And when I select the right one and have added the address I get this screen:


Here the two buttons are "Cancel" and "OK". And not only have "Cancel" moved to the left. The button selected here is "Cancel"(!!) which make the way of showing what is selected complete opposite from that page before.. 
If I had one extra hint on the earlier screen as that had three possible buttons (So I could gather that the button not framed was selected) I have here a fifty/fifty chance.
As the previous page had the button without frame selected, that is what I go for here as well the first and second time (thinking something else went wrong).

So the setup here is really tricky and a PITA. Usually I do this once and it runs a year or so - until I forgot how it worked and start over again next time.


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Hi.  This is corrected in the next release of the app and current beta release.


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