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Direct Stream vs. Direkt Play


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can anyone tell me the differents between direct stream and direct play?


The stream comes from my receiver using the emby vu+ plugin. 

The clients do have the same TV model and the emby webos app. The person wich is direct streaming do have playback issues / freezer. 


Why do emby do different things? 

Attached a screenshot and the ffmpg txt. 




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To me since you have disable transcode video and audio options you would potentially be pushing more then the connection can handle.


>>>>>>  User policy for Uwe
        EnablePlaybackRemuxing: True
        EnableVideoPlaybackTranscoding: False
        EnableAudioPlaybackTranscoding: False

22:09:50.470 Stream mapping:
22:09:50.470   Stream #0:2 -> #0:0 (copy)
22:09:50.470   Stream #0:3 -> #0:1 (copy)

You are forcing a 20Mbps stream to a device that returned a 3Mbps limit.  I would assume connection detection has fails a Auto quality is being used.


The User Media Playback note


Restricting access to transcoding will disable quality selection and may cause playback failures in Emby apps due to unsupported media formats or insufficient network bandwidth.

There are lots of errors but have no idea if relavent.

22:09:50.302 [h264 @ 0x1ac6240] SPS unavailable in decode_picture_timing
22:09:50.302 [h264 @ 0x1ac6240] non-existing PPS 0 referenced
22:09:50.302 [h264 @ 0x1ac6240] decode_slice_header error
22:09:50.302 [h264 @ 0x1ac6240] no frame!

Unless it is a Emby config it would appear the server is not keeping up with the stream either (speed=0.989x).  But this seems wrong as it is a stream copy.

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Thank you for the quick feedback. 

Will try to enable transcoding to manuelly set the quality and ask the friend of mine why his connection speed is so bad. 😁

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