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How do you use AnyProviderIdEquals

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Whats the "key" for this dictionary thats used in AnyProviderIdEquals?

IE: I have a dictionary that has {"imdb", "TT1234x"}, {n.....}

Is the key IMDB, Imdb, imdb?

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if its for a single item

then it will follow the providers listed in the metadata page for the item

just using the swagger http api as its easier to get an example

e.g. for a movie (tv, music and Music Videos will be different)


and result

    "Name": "IMDb",
    "Key": "Imdb",
    "UrlFormatString": "https://www.imdb.com/title/{0}"
    "Name": "TheMovieDb",
    "Key": "Tmdb",
    "UrlFormatString": "https://www.themoviedb.org/movie/{0}"
    "Name": "TheMovieDb Collection",
    "Key": "TmdbCollection",
    "UrlFormatString": "https://www.themoviedb.org/collection/{0}"

and to get the numbers


and result

  "Items": [
      "Name": "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace",
      "ServerId": "393d783c30484015a24645f7844060b4",
      "Id": "342",
      "RunTimeTicks": 81709430000,
      "ProviderIds": {
        "TmdbCollection": "10",
        "Imdb": "tt0120915",
        "Tmdb": "1893"
      "IsFolder": false,
      "Type": "Movie",
      "ImageTags": {
        "Primary": "b5c05f7fb1e07588c1f74edec548e4d0",
        "Art": "b2a27f41a6fbfc971c19e328a8db7a4a",
        "Banner": "a5587127a4b8550767bc5b5c524cb243",
        "Disc": "0d101a8110956f2ef6494a068b18f52d",
        "Logo": "f43dd853aff4fa05a71a3bba9ae75308",
        "Thumb": "739e4fa4cbbd4cdaf7090d8240949a0f"
      "BackdropImageTags": [
      "MediaType": "Video"
  "TotalRecordCount": 1


Have Fun

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