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[Social login] OAUTH google/facebook...


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Salut, je cherche à créer des utilisateurs à partir de leurs comptes google, ou bien autoriser les connexions à partir d'un compte google.

Cette fonctionnalité est possible à mettre en place sur une page .html basique :



Et est même déjà intégré sur d'autres applications à travers un plugin additionnel.

Voici la page d'administration du plugin social login installé sur le serveur nextcloud :



Et le résultat pour les utilisateurs une fois configuré avec les différents api de google facebook etc... :


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Hi, thank you for the tips about ldap plugin but it do not match with what I need.

My priority is to enable login with an social account like google.

I need login like that :

mini_201016032159661244.png mini_201016032200372823.png mini_201016032201168145.png


I have succeedded with my nextcloud server because they already add plugin to manage it.

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Hi, That's not going to work with Emby.  Please remember Emby is designed for family/friend use, so you control the accounts locally and have control over permissions and what each user has access to.

LDAP is there for business customers to connect to their directories for easy login for PR/training video, etc that a business might use for those purposes.

Also keep in mind one way or another an account need be setup in Emby because it's not just web apps but clients that run on many different devices.

Why do you need oauth? What type of use will this be fore?

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Oauth/OIDC is a de facto standard today, allowing one to use identity providers from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, GitHub, the list goes on....  You even have Social logins to this wiki site using it.  Failing to provide this is a big miss.  I'm thinking about switching over to jellyfin where I can probably write the auth module for this myself....

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I don't get it.  Why do you need such auth for a PERSONAL MEDIA server?
This isn't email, your banking, financial or health records but TV, movies and shows.

If you follow proper security guidelines the password you use for Emby is ONLY used for Emby.

Of course you can setup Emby to only work on LAN and not remotely if you like.  You could then setup OpenVPN server if you like and add Oath to that very easily for remote use and you have the level of authentication YOU PERSONALLY need.

The normal public doesn't need the hassle of 2 factor auth for accessing a media server where no personal information worth stealing resides.

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