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Playing Video with FLAC audio and ASS embedded subs

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Am using a firetvstick 4k, the emby client plays the video but never shows the subtitle, using stats for nerds it says the audio is not compatible and is doing transcoding, and the embedded subtitles never shows up. 

Using Kodi with embycon addon, the file plays perfectly, video, audio and it shows the embedded subtitles.

Also opening the file directly with mxplayer without emby server, plays perfectly showing the ass subtitles.

The only player that shows problem with flac audio (transcoding) and the subtitles not showing up is the emby client app on the firetvstick 4k.

This makes me think that this is an incompatiblity or a bug between the firestick 4k and the emby client app, not sure whats happening here.



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