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Download option for Android TV / Nvidia Shield TV

Emby Tower

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all my content is on a private VPS and if I want to watch something in original BD quality it stucks (and sucks). I've searched for the option also downloading to my Emby App on the Nvidia Shield, but there is nothing I can see.

So please, activate the downloads also for the Android TV app!

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Hi Luke,


thanks a lot, my problem is solved (and this app is so much better, awesome)!


Will it be a replacement for the Android TV app? I ask because of automatic updates via Play Store.



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2 hours ago, Emby Tower said:

Google Play Store tells me that Emby for Android can't be installed on my Nvidia Shield ... so no auto update!

Exactly! Just like it has always been, that's why everyone has been sideloading it.

Luke surely mixed things up or knows stuff we don't know yet... 

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2 minutes ago, dreadino said:

Sideloading the app also means I'd have to use a 3rd party launcher?

No, it doesn't 

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