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Unable to download/sync more than one conversion profile for google drive sync


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I've set up the most recent version of Emby with the google drive plugin and premier enabled so I can sync to it. I can convert/sync one time without issue to google drive. However, anytime I try to convert for a different quality it fails. Is it only possible to convert for 1 quality?


Here's a picture of my "Movies" library that has 1 file in it.


Here's my downloads tab where you can see that 1 job worked fine, but the other failed:



The mobile 4Mbps found the file and converted it fine:


And you can see the file in my google drive in the expected place:


As you can see there's only the 1 file (the Mobile 4Mbps). If you look at the download settings for the mobile 1.5Mbps, you can see it didn't do anything:


I'm wondering if this is a file name issue? The mobile 4 Mbps file has a name of 


with no mention of the quality.


I've also attached the server logs from when I deleted the mobile 1.5Mbps download job thing and then re-added it. Nothing jumps out to me when skimming it.


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I see now that if you instead do a conversion, it will append the profile name to the end like `- mobile` or `- tv` however 2 things:

1. It doesn't append the quality, so you can only have 1 `- mobile` version and 1 `- tv` version

2. If you "download" this file to google drive, it removes the `- mobile` or `- tv` from the file and so you still can only have 1 version downloaded.

Is there anyway to:

1. append the profile and quality to the end of the file like `- mobile_1.5Mbps` or `- mobile_480p`

2. preserve that appended name when downloading to your google drive.

My Emby library is set up on an rclone mounted unlimited google drive, so the workaround I'm thinking of now is to use folder sync and set up 8 different folders to sync to (`mobile 1.5Mbps`, `mobile 4Mbps`, `mobile 8Mbps`, `mobile original`, `tv 1.5Mbps`, `tv 4Mbps`, `tv 8Mbps`, `tv original`) to cover all the bases that might need converted to. The issue is of course is that I'm not using the google drive plugin to do that, and so Emby doesn't know to direct stream from google drive to the client, it only sees the folders/versions as local files and streams them from my Emby server after downloading them from the rclone mount. Is there a way with the google drive plugin to add multiple connections to the same google drive account but with different root folders?


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You're getting into very specific needs stuff here that most people wouldn't do as the server can transcode on the fly or pick from the standard or mobile profile as designed. 

If you source and prepare you're files correctly you likely wouldn't need more than 2 sources of any file and this is usually only when you have HDR (or different color spaces involved).  There is no reason you need a version specific for Mobile and for TV if done correctly especially at the low bitrates you're showing.  Having multiple files can be useful if you have/keep pure rips and also want a low-end streaming version.

I'd personally suggest trying only the original and if you want a 1.5 or 4Mb Mobile version and see if those do the job.  If you have a GPU and use HW transcoding you may not even want to do that as the mobile version can quickly be done on the fly.

You want to use the versions feature to "solve a problem" but not to create one.  What's the REAL problem you're trying to solve that Emby doesn't already handle for you?

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Gotcha, I guess I was trying to ensure that whenever possible a direct stream was done from google drive instead of my server so that it saves on bandwidth/cpu for the server itself. At the very least is there a way to save a mobile and TV optimized version of the file in google drive for direct google drive streaming for mobile devices and Roku?

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What I'd do as setup a few test files/situations to see how much this will benefit you.

Create a test library pointed to a brand new disc folder location. Find a "Test" movie/show to use as a base.  Shows are good since they are shorter.  I'll typically rename the show to match some show I'll never have on my system.  Then I can copy it to multiple episodes (renamed as the fake show).

Now you can test different conversions options.  Episode one 4Mb Mobile, episode two 4Mb TV, etc...

Now with several conversions done and in the cloud you can test playback on different devices you will use from iOS to Android to web browser remotely.

Also keep in mind REAL-WORLD use.  By that I mean will you actually be streaming movies/shows over low bandwidth cellular eating up your cell plan or will you only use mobile devices when connected to WIFI?  Do you need a 1.5 Mb version or does the 4Mb deliver based on real world use?

Do you notice any difference on your remote devices between the mobile and TV versions (difference is blurred these days)?

Keep an eye on your Web console to see what it says and where the files is being streamed from.  You can also look at your logs to see if the file IS being streamed from the server or from Google.

See where I'm going with this?  Do some testing and figure out what works and what needs you actually need to solve before jumping in creating 10 versions of every file.

As an example for my system and my users, HEVC can be played back on every device.  So if I do conversion I use Custom profile with HEVC and the combination audio tracks.  The HEVC keeps the file smaller with overall better quality per size.

Experiment like this to see what works/what doesn't work for YOU and YOUR system.

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