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Possibility not remove other users

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When I installed the release it removed all the others users rights in the [emby] folder, I had to add them back manually. But when I upgraded to th version it removed them a second time.

Personnaly I created a dedicated user to map emby directory in my windows workstation.

First I thought it was because of the massive changes from release to the 4.5.x.

For the next release could you let the rights to the other users declared in the emby directory ?


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9 minutes ago, Luke said:

Hi there, what other users do you mean?

Users who's got rights read and write.

Sorry, I think I wasn't clear. Installation didn't remove users from DSM but removed other users rights for emby directory

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We were planning to do this down the line indeed. Right now we seem to have a lot of unidentified permission issues on some setups so they're reset on each install/upgrade, but once we figure this out they will be set on installation but left as is on upgrade. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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@alucryd To be honest, it was not a big problem, I just spent 10 minutes searching why I couldn't map the Emby directory, it's only a feedback for the next versions.

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