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(I have approval from the mods to post this) My name is Oliver Bowers and I am a researcher from Washington State University, and I am conducting academic research into home theater personal computer (HTPC) software communities. This message is to request your participation in my research through audio-only interview. This research is being conducted across several similar online communities in order to explore components including content, usage, and the future of digital media and platforms such as this. The reason I am interviewing users is so that I can gain actual insights with the goal of driving future policy direction, which unfortunately often rely on assumptions and negative perceptions regarding online communities such as this. The interviews are likely to take an hour of your time and will not require any additional time commitment on your part. All interviews will be strictly confidential, and all data will be anonymized after transcription.

I am asking you to participate because of your role in the Emby community, and because I believe that your knowledge, experiences, and insights could be a valuable asset to understanding the different types of users, the complexities of the community, and the software itself. If you are willing to participate then please send me a message or email me through my university address oliver.bowers@wsu.edu so that we can schedule the interview. If you can think of other users who could be valuable participants and may be willing to participate then please pass this message onto them as well. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. This study has been certified as exempt from the need for review by the Washington State University Institutional Review Board.

Thank you for your time and I hope you are willing to discuss your experiences with me.

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I have had a great response to this post but I am still in need of participants. Please spread this message to others who may be interested.


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Well, I still don't understand on what topic your research is held. Give us some more details about it, and I am sure you will find more people that are ready to help you. I remember times when I was a student, we also had a lot of researches to make, and unfortunately it was pretty hard because internet wasn't so popular and not everyone had a computer or internet connection. I remember first internet projects and companies that provided online services like https://essaywriterservice.com/essay-editing-service. Cool times I might say. We live in a lucky period of time, because today you can do almost everything just using your computer

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Yes I will be posting a link to my work when finished but it will not be for several months.
And I no longer need participants as I have reached saturation with my interviews and to be honest I had many more than I ever expected so thank you everyone.

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I became very interested in the topic, albeit remotely, of your research and research. Where can I see the results? I just need such information as a material for my personal work to write my essay in an educational institution.

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