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Built-in Chromecast, Volume behaving differently from other apps (YouTube, etc)


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Well over a year ago I worked with Luke to get Emby improved to better interface with my TV that has built-in Chromecast Ultra. It's not exactly a Chromecast Ultra, but it matches spec.


That improvement was greatly appreciated, however there's a problem with it that has existed ever since, and I've been meaning to try and get it looked into/addressed for a good long while now.


It seems that when Emby interfaces with the Chromecast on my TV it doesn't "properly" interface with the volume on the TV. When I use the volume buttons on my phone it seems to adjust volume "before" it is sent to the TV and not adjust the volume on the TV itself. As in, I cannot actually raise the volume above what the TV is at, I can only lower it. Naturally, I have to turn the volume WAYYY up. A volume value of 10-20 would normally be plenty, if I'm using YouTube, or other Chromecast apps. But with Emby I typically have to turn it up to 40-50 (I think this is out of 100?).


I'm not sure if this is a bug, or a feature adjustment, or what not. But I really would appreciate this getting placed somewhere in the queue to get addressed. I'll gladly help where needed! Please? :)

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Just now, Luke said:

Hi there, are you using the web app, or our android/ios app?

Android to Chromecast to the TV is the primary issue I've been having.

I just tested it with browser Chromecast to the same device, and it has a similar effect, but different. As in, on Andorid when I use the volume up/down buttons I don't see the "volume" on my TV (OSD). But when I Use web to Chromecast, I do. However, when I adjust the volume slider in the browser, 0 on the browser is 0 on the TV, and 100 on the browser is 30 on the TV (even though my TV can go much louder).

This is quite the curious situation! Is that sufficiently clear? :)

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No, both of them are wonky, but in different ways. I only included the observations for the Web version because when I tested it (as per your previous inquiry) I observed similar, but different, issues that appear to be somewhat related. So I guess I expanded the scope a bit. ;)

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