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SUBTITLES - Not finding local or online.


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Hi guys,

Season 1 local subs played ok, some out of sync.

Was able to search more using the native downloader.

All sub options ok.


The other seasons are missing local subs.

Strangely I can't locate a single one using the downloader.

So I downloaded my own.

I have restarted the server and scanned library as well as restarting the app.

Subtitles obviously enabled in settings.

But I have no options in the settings cog from player.

There's no sub drop down like there usually is at the playing media screen.

And the newly added subs aren't automatically playing.

Images attached.

Your help is appreciated.







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And then regarding the internet lookup, the dialog says no results found, have you configured subtitle downloading. Have you configured it based on everything the help text instructed you to do?

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