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Channels missing from provider


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Hello, new user here configuring Emby for the first time.

I've selected my HDHR's, set my list of favorite channels, and then added my cable provider. After refreshing the guide data I am however missing data from a number of channels.

  • 090 - Independent Film Channel
  • 844 - OWN HD
  • 856 - TVLND D
  • 879 - FS2 HD
  • 888 - BBC HD
  • 917 - NBATVD
  • 926 - OUTHD
  • 949 - DIY HD
  • 951 - Investigation D


The cable provider is "Grande Communications Digital" with id of USA-TX63900-X


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Do these channels show up in the list of channels if you access your HDHR via web browser.

Do any of these show up with DRM listed?


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Hi, Have you tried finding IFC on an alternate provider in your area?  If so you could load that guide and use it to map the channel.

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1 hour ago, NDInnova said:

Hi Luke, @ebr

There is still no guide data for channel 90 IFC. Has gracenote given any response at all?

Hi.  I'm afraid they don't give us much feedback on these.  I'm sure it is a constant process of maintenance for them.

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