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after upgrade to on my Synology I can't seem to find a way to change:

1. The big EMBY splash screen to my own (used to replace logodark.png with my own picture)

2. Favicon in the web browser

3. Emby name in the web browser to my own server name

Any help with that please?

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1. its logowhite.jpg you need to replace is in ..\system\dashboard-ui\modules\themes

2 and 3

favicon.ico just replace with your own

need to edit index.html - replace "emby" four times in that file and manifest.json file

all can be found in ..\system\dashboard-ui

these get replaced on every server update and as there is a coming next week you will have to do it again

so keep copies for you to copy over


TIP - go look at the system.old directory you will find the old files there ;)

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Where exactly are these files within Synology? I can never find them.


Edit: found them. Used Winscp and there they were, in the @appstore folder.

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yep - syno devs move things around - i think just for fun - so always diff to other installs 

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I think there should be an ability to customize your emby from the settings. It is very annoying to change every time the logo's.

I have managed to do a couple of CSS with some logo's. But for the splash logo I couldn't find a way. Ayone else want to help?

you can put this Custom CSS in Settings of Emby Server :

/* Logos */

/* Login Page */
.imgLogoIcon {
  content: url(https://imgur.com/PUTHEREYOURURL.png) !important; }

/* Main Drawer Mobile */
.adminDrawerLogo img {
  content: url(https://imgur.com/PUTHEREYOURURL.png) !important; }

/* Home Page */
.pageTitleWithDefaultLogo {
    background-image: url(https://imgur.com/PUTHEREYOURURL.png) !important;}


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