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Custom Keymap for Kodi and Android TV (Nvidia Shield)


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Thought I would share this.  Someone may find it useful.  This is a modified version of a keymap file I found on the internet (don't remember the website), and I am using it on 2 Nvidia Shields, and one Android TV.  It has features that are useful for me, but should be easily editable if you want something else.  Some of the features are:


Full screen Video (including PVR):

Long press up: Subtitle Offset slider

Long press down: Cycle through available subtitles (or CC)

Long press right/left: Fast forward or rewind (as opposed to skip)

Backspace: stop


Kodi Home Screen:

Long press back: bring up shutdown menu



Long press back: return to Kodi Home Screen


xml file is attached to this post.  Just drop it into your keymaps folder (\Android\data\org.xbmc.kodi\files\.kodi\userdata\keymaps), and restart Kodi.


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Currently using EmbyCon.  I prefer Emby for Kodi, but I keep having sync issues with it where shows just disappear, and I have to rebuild the library too often.  But the keymap would be independent of that, it should work for any backend.

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5 minutes ago, Sammy said:

I'd like this keymap for remotes using Emby in AndroidTV..

I assume you mean using the Emby app, and not Kodi on a generic Android TV box, correct?  If the latter, the keymap file will work.  If the former, then that would obviously be for the Emby Devs to look at.

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