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Hur påverkas en router/brandvägg av flera flera/många strömmar över internet? Vad blir flaskhalsen i ett normalt hemnätverk?


Sitter på 250/250 lina, och funderar på att byta ut min edgerouter x till något mer rejält så som Huawei Security Gateway USG6510E eller Fortigate 30E.

Andra rekommendationer mottages gärna.


Får man större påfrestning på nätverket vid användning av reverse proxy kontra lägga in certifikatet i Emby?


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250 Mb is very low bitrate from the standpoint of routing and the only route it will actually do is sending packet to the Internet that aren't part of your home network.  At those speeds just about any router will do. The only feature needed for Emby is to be able to port forward inbound traffic.

If you run speedtest.net and get the speeds you're purchasing from your ISP then the router you have now should be just fine. 
If you have a use for a higher end router feel free, but from what Emby will need on home Internet based speeds like this any nearly any "home router" will do the job just fine.

Proxy if ran on your LAN is going to have roughly the same traffic as just your Emby server since it simply answers requests sometimes instead of Emby.

If you use a reverse proxy outside your network like using a CloudFlare setup then it will reduce the requests to your Emby server as it can cached all your posters and other artwork so the Emby server isn't returning the images on every fetch.

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