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Audio Only Playback

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Apologies if this idea has been suggested already - I couldn't see it, if it had.

Would it be possible to implement an audio only playback mode for video media? I find some situations where I'd like to listen to video content but am not able to watch. Particularly when mobile, I'd rather not stream the video portion with the associated data overhead and just have the audio come through, transcoded in the same way as music would be (i.e., quality subject to the settings I provide in the app).

Usage examples could include live television news channels, or music programmes recorded from TV - the visual element is less important and so I might choose to listen whilst out and about, but I don't need the video playback and I'd also want to keep my phone screen off whilst the media continue to play.


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Hi, we don't currently have an option for this, but i think it's a good idea to add in the future. Thanks for the feedback.

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