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access problemon newest emby server istallation


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Hi friend, I just received a new NAS F2-442, before to move my actual disk were I have the emby server in services, I wanted to test the new NAS with emby. So I istalled the last version of TOS and the last version of EMBY server (in the old NAS to not risk to get problem I not update neither NAS & Emby version).

After I istall the emby server I try to open it from NAS. The system open the following web page,


I push on "accesso manuale" using one new registration account I have done in emby from web ( I tryed and  with this user I'm be able to log in the forum ) But I received always



What mistake I'm doing?



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Hi Luke, I tested user and psw making access to this forum, is the same account?

I tryed with forgot psw, but the system said it put some fili in the NAS disk, but I don't know well how to see the file, I suppose connect with putty in SSH but qwhick command have I to use?

thx \Gianni

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Hi luke, unfortunately i 'm not an ssh expert so I don't know the ssh command , I solved problem start from scratch the installation,  erased the Nas system, install a fresh Emby copy and in this way got the access .

Thx for your support 



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