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Tagline for TV shows


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I am not sure if it's possible to scrape the "Translated Tagline / Tagline" on tmdb.
I mean this short Sentence / Quote:


The Emby Metadata Editor has also this field to add this short Sentence / Quote:



Like you see, I have add this tagline manually, but perhaps it's not a big deal to also scrape this field?
I know, it's not really necessary, but the sentences / quotes are sometimes eyecatchers for the viewer audience.
It would be a nice to have, if it's easy to add this?

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Okay^^. I haven't even noticed that his allready work for movies^^.
But it would be a nice to have also for TV Shows. :)

Maybe it's not so hard for TV Shows, if it's allready integrated for Movies?

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ehhh... I am not sure, but if you check randomly some tv shows on TMDb, you will notice that much of them has a tagline over the description ^^.
We never saw it that much, because most people using tvdb as first scraper.

Just some popular examples, which I found randomly and instandly.


I just testing around with TMDb and thinking about to switch to it as main scraper, so i noticed some differences to tvdb.
I know the tagline stuff isn't important for emby and it's functionality. It's a small "nice to have". But I am happy about every small improvement.

Many of the taglines are shitty quotes, like for example on doctor who "Space. For all." But some are also nice, like The Good Doctor "His mind is a mystery, his methods are a miracle."
And some rare ones are mind flashing: Game of Thrones - "Winter Is Coming", which makes your even nostalgic about the show.

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Looking at the returned data from TMDB to me is does not appear their api returns the tagline for TV like it does for Movies.

The info is not in the json files cached by provider for each series either.


FYI it is impossible right now as it is on TMDB's backlog for TV.


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