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Live TV configuration settings


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i am trying to change my Live tv setting under the settings menu with no luck.

When clicking on live Tv or DVR the address will populate, but the page will not switch to the TV settings menu.

I have cleared live Tv cache, also deleted the live Tv config file and restarted emby server with no luck. i have even restore the config file to see with no difference.

Everything else is working fine


Any ideas would be great.thanks

PS. i have emby premier subscription

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Hi Luke

Emby Server Version

I have logged in via the IOS app and i can access the setting this way. just can not access via the webbase portal on the server itself.

Running firefox as the browser.

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Thanks for the feedback. I would use that for now as a workaround, and chances are with the upcoming 4.5 release your issue will be resolved.

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