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This is a plug-in that will allow you to define exactly what genres should appear in your metadata.  You can define which ones are allowed and which ones are mapped (or turned into) one of the allowed ones.


So, if you have genres like "Country" "Alternative Country" and "General Country" and you just wanted them all to be "Country" you can make that happen.  Anything not defined as allowed or mapped to an allowed one is discarded from your metadata.


The workflow for configuration is as follows:


First decide for which type you wish to define genres:




You then get a fresh configuration page.  You can use the "Initialize with all current genres" button to get started which will fill in all of the genres that currently appear in your collection as allowed:




Once you have that list, you then can either enter entirely new genres you'd like to allow, delete genres from the allowed list (which will discard/ignore this genre) or hit the "Map to..." button and map that genre to one of the other allowed genres.




(The genres in parens are mapped to that allowed genre)


This plug-in is free for MB3 Supporters.



Change Log


Version - Compatibility update for server 5168+


Version - Release version


Version - Include Trailers in movie genre cleaning


Version - Fix a cosmetic display issue


Version - Initial beta

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