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"No private key included in cert."


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I have installed Emby on Ubuntu server 20.04.1 and generated an SSL cert for it for remote use.   I generated the cert using OpenSSH for the cert request and Zero SSL for the certificate issuance.  Once the cert was created, I downloaded and installed it at /etc/ssl.  So now the /etc/ssl path has ca_bundle.crt, certificate.crt and my private key.   Then I configured Emby to use SSL and pointed it certificate.crt and restarted Emby.   It is not working over SSL (of course, it works fine over 8096).  When I looked at Emby's logs, I see:
"2020-08-26 14:34:13.628 Error App: No private key included in SSL cert /etc/ssl/certificate.crt."

The private key is in the same directory.   Any ideas about what I am doing wrong here?


Bob Reed

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Thank you for the guidance.  I think I can create PKCS12 file using OpenSSL.  I'll give that a try.

Thanks again!

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