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Reaching Google Drive API Limit very fast


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I've been using emby for a couple of months now it's everything that i expected and more. (only missing a subtitles edit option)

The only real issue i have with emby is that i'm very quickly hitting my API limit of Gdrive and i've been struggling with this since day 1.


I have:

- Gsuite unlimited (exclusively being used for emby)

- 40TB Split over all Library's (11 library's in total)

- ~80% of my media = Hevc 10 bit MKV 

- ~275GB Media uploading to Gdrive every 24 hours true rclone with encryption

- PC Server is running on :

Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz

48.0GB Ram Dual-Channel @ 1066MHz

GeForce GTX 1070


I know buying hard drives and streaming emby locally would be much better but i wont be able to buy 40TB+ of hard drives anytime soon but will eventually.


Is there anything i could do to lower the API usage, could it be possible emby is doing unnecessary scans of my library or is there anything else i should be aware of using the api limit?


I attached some older logs the most recent ones where to big to upload.

embyserver-63733651213.txt embyserver-63733564811.txt

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Do you have the ability to use 2 ,3 or 4 Google Account Drives (different logins)?  If so that can drastically reduce the traffic.

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How would this work exactly?

1 Would i just be adding more users to my gdrive (and is this free?)

2 will i have to split my library's in different drives?

3 Do i need to login to emby with different accounts?



Be as detailed as possible about this for me please since i'm not very experienced with gdrive, i've only set it up a couple of months ago and it's soul purpose has been storage for my emby server.


I use rclone for about everything gdrive, the only time i login to google drive is to empty my bin every now and then.




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You would create a 1 drive per user.

Yes you would split up your library across the different drives.

You would setup a couple "local drives" using rclone (one per google account).

In Emby you just setup as normal.

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Thanks for the info it's been very helpful!

I gotta sign off for tonight but I be looking into this tomorrow.

I think I should be able to do the rest of the research myself.


Thanks again for the help.

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