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[REQ] Detailed Ratings


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Today I just found out that IMDB using static URL paths for their Parental Guide pages like


After realizing this I thought that why not see this data as a new type of metadata in MBS Libraries. This could add more value to strongest area (which is metadata for my view) of the Mediabrowser against competition. With above way we can get following data for the movie:


Example Movie: Blue Ruin

Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2359024/parentalguide


Desired metadata:


Sex & Nudity


Violence & Gore





Frightening/Intense Scenes


And this data can be displayed with "nicely" designed pop-up with in applications and Web Interface. You can event provide a hyperlink to orginal IMDB page in WEB Interface which opens new browser window and user can read detail scene summary regarding to rating.



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We could provide a link to that page on platforms that would support that (the web and the mobile ones should) but we cannot scrape that information and include it in our database.

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