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Set download permission on a per-library, per-folder or per-tag basis


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Count me in!!!I would love if it was made possible to assign to a user a permission to download from a specific library and not from an other. For instance we have a user we will call Dave - I would love for Dave to be able to watch, but not download from the Library we will call "Movies", at the same time I would like Dave to be able to watch and download from the library we will call "Films". At the moment I can only grant Dave download permissions to all Libraries he has access to or revoke that permission. Would be great to add flexibility there. Thanks in advance

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In full agreement with kaynemo - this is a very important function for a sys admin.

I have a situation currently wherein there are some libraries I need to have users download from, such as music and documents, but then there are libraries I don't want them downloading, such as movies.  Selective library download permission features  would certainly make EMBY more versatile.

Thank you for your attention to making this happen, hopefully soon.

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