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How scalable is the 526X?


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I'm just getting started with Emby, and have installed the server software on my ReadyNAS 526X.

My plan is to use it mostly as a DVR / live TV server to Shield and Roku endpoints on my home network, with an HDHomerun Quatro doing OTA and an HDHomerun Prime doing cable. Since there's a potential (however unlikely) for 7 concurrent recordings, I was wondering if the ReadyNAS is going to be up to it, since it only has a Pentium D1508 (and obviously, no GPU to offload anything to). 

I have some parts lying around where I could build a Ryzen 1300X system with an RX580 GPU, but I'd really prefer to avoid the power, noise, and heat generation, if possible. 

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1 hour ago, Luke said:

Hi, what emby apps will you be playing the media with?

A Shield Pro and a Roku. 

I'm finding with the ReadyNAS server that there's serious stuttering with just the Shield running. I ended up throwing it on a dedicated Windows 10 box with an i7-9700k, 48GB, and RX580 GPU, but still get some major stuttering every 5 - 10 minutes on a single HDHomerun Prime stream on the Shield.

The Shield can pull a consistent 300 - 400 megabits and the ReadyNAS can't break much higher than 100 megabits anyway, so bandwidth doesn't seem to be the culprit. 


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