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No Center Channel Output


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I installed Emby on a QNAP TVS-872XT.  I was hoping to get away from Plex.

The I had a couple of problems.  The most major one was that the center channel on the movies I played had no output.  I could play the same movie with Plex and the center channel had output.

I haven't a clue why.  I did subscribe to the Emby Premere package and I was using hardware transcoding.  That was the only function that I thought might help with bringing back the center channel, but it didn't help with making any changers.


CPU  Intel Core I5-8400T

Memory 16GB

My Surround Sound receiver is a Denon AVR-X3600H

I've terminated my subscription until I find something that corrects the problem.

The Emby version I installed is: emby-server-qnap_4.4.3.0_x86_64.qpkg.



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Hi there, we're sorry to hear about this. Can we please look at an example? Please attach the information requested in how to report a media playback issue:


Thanks !

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