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Security Cams -> Emby -> Kodi


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Wasn't sure which sub forum to throw this under but I think this is the most appropriate. Wondering which is the most integrated way to setup Security Cams viewing on my end points as it seems there is a few different methods for configuration. Also wondering how/if Emby and Kodi behave e.g. do you have to add them separately to both Emby Server and Kodi Endpoint or do any of the different methods of adding them to Emby Server in turn appear in Kodi through the Emby plugin.

Methods I have seen crew recommending on here;

Emby Security Cam plugin

Emby IPTV plugin


Do either of these tie in to Kodi as well and if so how do they appear in the Kodi front end?



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Thanks Luke.

How does the IPTV plugin appear in Kodi as a front end? does the Kodi Emby plugin bring across the IPTV channels somehow?



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Gave this a spin by adding stream to IPTV on the Emby Server. Stream works fine in the web browser within Emby. It appears under IPTV in the Emby Addon in Kodi but clicking on the Camera stream spins the preparing logo briefly and the nothing. 

All other elements of Emby work fine with Kodi, have been using it long term. 

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