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Auto Organize - Expanding its functionality


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@neik I have fixed the naming issue in the javascript which caused the "spinner of death". 😉

Also, from what I have been testing this will group all the subtitle file paths  together in a list and add it to the result object in the database.


There a couple things!

1. I'm not sure if,  by adding new columns to the fileorganizer.db,  we have to migrate data to a new table...because... I dunno. LOL!. I think my 'pay-grade' is about to increase though. LOL! 

2. If we are reading files in the source folder recursively, and the source folder IS the parent folder for a bunch of movies and subtitle files, then that is a can of worms. A really big can of worms.





Thank so much for taking the time to be here and checking out these changes! remember to clear your browser cache.

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