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Moved install - playlists a disaster & not sure how to resolve


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I recently moved over my Emby install from Linux Mint over to an OpenSUSE Tumbleweed install. A lot of it went fairly smoothly but playlists are not one of them.

There are a lot of my playlists showing up, many have duplicates - about half with the correct photo half with no photo. When I click on any of them playlists, none of them show any files actually in the playlist so it can’t play anything. Moreover, when I go to TV shows or movies to add items into the empty playlists, when I click on add to playlist and it should bring up all the existing playlist options, there is absolutely nothing there. I’ve freshly added one playlist to see how that worked and now that single playlist is the only one showing up as available to add files to. When I visit the playlist library however, it shows I have 254 existing playlists (again, with no files in any of them).

Any help would be brilliant. Did I miss moving some data over? Will I have to start fresh on the playlists? If so, is there any way to delete the playlists more quickly? One by one deleting and recreating will take forever with 254 to deal with. 

Thanks so much in advance!

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14 hours ago, Luke said:

Hi there, have you checked out our knowledge base? This article on collections can also be applied to playlists:


Thanks so much for this. I did check it out and it does explain part of the issue - why there are no files showing up in any of the playlists (because of the different file location/mount point). So, with that data, I’ve figured that part out, even if I’ve not decided which way to go about fixing it.

However, what it doesn’t explain is why the playlists are otherwise such a mess - why are there multiple duplicates of some titles/playlists but not all, why do some of the playlists have photos and others don’t. This part cannot be explained with the different file location. What might cause this?

Thanks again. :)

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