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Hardware transcoding errors

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Lately I have had issues while watching certain shows on the Roku app, with buffering every few minutes, and occasionally completely stopping with 'Too many errors to continue".  I noticed that there were errors in hardware_detection files, and transcoding logs that mentioned switching to software transcoding.  I also noticed that the shows mostly having issues were avi format.  Research leads me to think I should use the conversion feature to pre-convert these folders.  I am doing so now, and some early testing is promising.  I do want to confirm that converting to the 'mobile' profile, and using 'Keep Original Quality' is a logical setup for doing this conversion.  I do also use the Emby Theater to watch content on a 65" television, am I possibly degrading that by doing this conversion?  Also, I suspect that this conversion is still having issues with the Hardware Transcoding, as I am still seeing a lot of logging around this as the conversion runs.  I have read about setting up for hardware conversion, and have made sure to install the latest Nvidia drivers.  I am attaching some logs, so if there is anything I can or should do, please help if possible.  

Thank you,


hardware_detection-63729395458.txt hardware_detection-63729395461.txt embyserver (1).txt ffmpeg-transcode-b41b3804-a296-4900-ad7b-f44e705f0891_1.txt

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@CodeGreen as you've suspected, .avi files tend to be problematic and converting them is a great idea.

I think the mobile profile with original quality will be just fine. Is the result turning out OK?

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