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About the movie collections created by the AutoBoxSets plugin - EmbyServer

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Using the Auto Box Sets plugin, a new menu called COLLECTIONS is created in Emby, all right.

It turns out that I would like to transfer and transform this menu as a submenu of the MOVIES menu.

Then I added it to the movie library, next to the FILMS folder (which contains 5 subfolders), indicating the file path of the collections:
😄 \ Users \ Administrator \ AppData \ Roaming \ Emby-Server \ programdata \ data \ collections

It worked perfect, but the COLLECTIONS submenu was NEXT to MOVIES and I would like it to be inside the Movies folder and so the COLLECTIONS submenu could be viewed in folder mode, as I have the other submenus and in my case it would look like the library structure :
Menu / Folder: MOVIES
Submenus / Subfolders: Cult Films, HD Films, Collections ...

I thought that a CSS or HTML code can solve this.

Thank you now.



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But a normal library can not read the items collection.xml so you have a bunch of empty collection as all you get is the folder image, correct?


This process breaks the orginal Collection library also, correct?  At least it did in my test.

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Thanks for your answer.
Honestly I just saw that collections were all there as a submenu of Movies, when I added to the library the path of the collections created by the plugin and I didn't even try to reproduce anything.
I had in mind that if it worked, I would hide the original collections from users and they would access them through the submenu in folder view.
So, isn't it really possible (perhaps using CSS / HTML code) to transfer the Collections menu so that it is just a submenu of the Movies item, and remains functional?

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I consider the topic closed.
I found an alternative solution.
So I hid the Collection library from users and encouraged them to access it via Films and the upper submenu Collections.
t's not quite what I wanted but the result is the same.
Thanks for the messages.

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