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Download Syncing Issue

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Hi All,

Not sure if anyone else had run into this problem.

I travel alot for work so like to keep my tablet jam packed with tv shows.

Ive noticed that sometimes when emby finishes downloading, some of the episodes display as "ready to transfer" or "queued" even though if i browse to the download folder on my phone they have been downloaded. Also, sometimes it tries to download the same episode twice, 1 will download and 1 will stay in "gueued" state.

Will post some screen shots once my tablet finishes downloading its current batch.

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Hi there, can we please look at a specific example? Thanks.

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Posted (edited)

Sorry, havent been able to get back to this post for awhile, but now i have the perfect example.

First screen shot shows an episode as "Ready to Transfer" even though the app told me the download was completed.

The 2nd picture shows the file downloaded onto my table.

Server log, just incase.



embyserver (1).txt

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