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Metadata in ID3v2 tags not reading on MP4 music videos - Errors in Synology log


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So the bulk of my music files have for some time been Ok and meta data there. These were encoded by Handbrake originally a long time ago.

I use TPMGEnc Video Mastering Works 7 for some time for my TV content and Music Videos done in past couple of years (and TV appears fine as does movies using XML based metadata source files).

  • My Music Videos (library type Music Videos) will not extract the meta data contained in the MP4 file even though the library has had this enabled for prefer embedded data.
  • I noticed some errors in the Synology log file and have attached it.
  • I have not messed around with my Emby Server - it simply has been upgraded since 3.5x for each Emby version with no beta versions. Its on 4.4.3 currently. No other 3rd party server apps.
  • I've used iTunes and SoftPointer Tag & Rename - I've always used the latter for all the videos scanned in a while ago, but used iTunes to see if it no longer liked what Tag & Rename was doing.

SD Music Videos Encoding Summary:

Typically High Profile, component, 720x576 50 frames level 3.1. Interlaced 25fps content deinterlaced to Progressive 50fps. Stereo (320kbps) or Dolby Digital 5.1 (448kbps). Bt709. No HDR metadata. 



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Hi Luke,

I found the cause(s):

  • Basically I thought it was DNS related. My Asus router had global 'DNS over TLS' and was set to 'CLEANBROWSING ADULT' dns server. This dns provider filters out imvdb.com as adult content for some reason. I changed it so that the NAS server is not DNS filtered and goes to Google DNS over TLS at ipv4 and all is fine now. There were a couple of 500 errors after, but think that must have been a dead link or something.
  • I think the SCREEN GRABBER option should be renamed for clarity to SCREEN/COVER ART GRABBER in the music video library setup though. You need this enabled to grab embedded cover art from music videos. If you don't get cover art populated from embedded cover art, this could be the reason BUT I also found some iTunes specific ID3v2 tags for 'account holder' and a few other entries that caused issues until I deleted those tags from the files using MP3Tag app and its "extended properties" where it lists every tag. Tag & Rename did not have this extended "raw" view of tags.

Stand down on this one :)



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Thanks for the feedback. And yes I agree we need to rename screen grabber. We'll look into that. Thanks.

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