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Does not record correctly on Mac OSX Catalina 10.5.5, Safari or Firefox


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  1. On Emby it tends not to record a show longer than an hour, if it say a 2 hour film it will stop short say 10 minutes.
  2. Even with 5 minutes before scheduled starting time and 30 minutes  after it might still stop 10 minutes short of the scheduled finishing time.
  3. The show suddenly stops during a show.
  4.  It might only record 40 minutes of the two hour movie
  5. One movie indicated different length of times viewed, it changed each time I attempted to watch the movie
  6. Once it jumped scenes with the vocabulary for one scene meant for another.
     Overall my experience with EMBY has been dismal or really non existent over these last three months of trial and error.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have found this process to be extremely frustrating. I have purchased this subscription and hardware in good faith and have only enjoyed one film.



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