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Emby Server 4.2.1 Released

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Emby Server 4.2.1 is currently rolling out to address a few small issues with our 4.2 release. Here are the highlights:

  • Fix guide tab button colors on light themes
  • Fix refresh progress display of individual libraries
  • Fix collections not getting an image when locked
  • Fix sync using path substitution when it should not be
  • Fix crashes on Linux due to network event binding
  • Fix more button on live tv setup page
  • Fix erroneous constraint on sync table for new installations
  • Fix ffprobe crashes on Android
  • Various Firefox scrolling fixes
  • CinemaMode 1.0.22
  • Dlna 1.0.23
  • MovieDb 1.1.9
  • NfoMetadata 1.0.18
  • Tvdb 1.0.17

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