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Emby Server 4.3 Released

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Emby Server 4.3 is currently rolling out. Here are the highlights.


New Video OSD


The new design features big buttons and big graphics, making it easier and more fun to use.






New Audio OSD
Similar to the new Video OSD design, with different variations based on the type of screen you're playing from.




New Remote Control OSD


The updated design now shares many of the same features as the video OSD:

  • Big buttons
  • Support for thumbnails while seeking

As well as:

  • Clickable links - album, artist, series, etc.
  • Favorite icon to mark now playing media as a favorite
  • 3-dot button to manipulate the now playing library item




Convert to HEVC


Our media conversion feature now supports converting to HEVC !




Conversion Queue Management


This is now a separate section in the server dashboard, and as a result should be much easier to find and use.




Simultaneous Video Stream Limits


This is configurable both system wide as a total limit, as well as individual user limits.




New Screen Saver Options


The Emby web app now includes three screen saver options for Emby Premiere users.

  • Emby logo screen saver
  • Backdrop screen saver
  • Photo screen saver

This is a great way to put your family photos on the screen when you're idling.




Included In


Now you can see what Playlists or Collections a Movie has been added to right from the Movie detail screen.




Are You Still Watching?


Now in the web app, and configurable at the bottom of the playback settings screen.




Other Improvements

  • Update to ffmpeg 4.3
  • Build Windows & MacOS with .NET Core 3.0
  • Utilize ReadyToRun feature with .NET Core 3.0 for faster startup time
  • Support TLS 1.3 with .NET Core 3.0
  • Add web app splash screen to provide user feedback in case of long loading times
  • Expand media conversion feature to allow selection of containers, video codecs, and audio codecs
  • Improve video start time when resuming
  • Allow plugins to have translation files
  • Restore counts on list screens
  • Adjust live stream automatic re-connection
  • Improve handling of UTF-8 null chars in ass/ssa subs
  • Scrolling fixes for older versions of Firefox
  • Move up subtitles in Chrome
  • Improve browser rendering of ASS/SSA subtitles
  • Add Collections to search results
  • Move Bluray folder support to plugin
  • Support .pef images
  • Improve detection of HEVC REXT profiles
  • Improve MacOS file deletion
  • Read artist tags from videos
  • Added Swiss parental ratings
  • Improve support for filenames starting with brackets
  • Add filters for missing external Id's
  • Improve transcoding reason display after direct play error
  • Reduce dlna and scheduled task logging to prevent keeping Synology systems awake
  • Support aspect ratio adjustment in web app video player
  • Handle urls with double encoding caused by old Dlna devices
  • Display Chinese subtitles display language as just Chinese
  • Reduce excess logging
  • Improve Android Server native UI
  • Allow multiple libraries using the same name

Bug Fixes

  • VAAPI: Fix data twist in HEVC profile map
  • DXVA: Fix 10bit profile detection
  • Fix detection of DirectX 11.1 availability
  • Fix QSV DirectX initialization
  • Fix Failed to create Direct3D device Error creating a QSV device
  • Fix embyserver.exe file icon for Windows
  • Fix mpeg4/divx/xvid transcoding with Android server
  • Fix GPU to CPU automatic fallback when transcoding to Chromecast
  • Various Subtitle transcoding fixes
  • Fix very rare hang when recording Live TV
  • Fix download transcoding of audio files with embedded images
  • Fix subtitle file names with convert feature
  • Fix occasional hangs in media conversion feature
  • Fix sync features using path substitution when it should not be
  • Fix multi-version grouping in mixed content libraries
  • Fix display of quote characters in device names
  • Fix ServerWMC recording playback
  • Add additional image processing error handling
  • Fix playlists folder always showing up for brand new server installations
  • Fix collections not generating an image when locked
  • Fix delete error response codes
  • Fix delete recordings from live tv plugins
  • Fix now playing bar transparency on dark green and dark red themes
  • Fix occasional live tv or recording server crash
  • Fix user data restore with backup plugin
  • Fix scroll position after editing images or metadata
  • Fix saving playlist xml when playlist names end with a period
  • Fix repeated scanning of external subtitles
  • Fix latest trailers sort order
  • Fix season counts being incorrect with multi-folder series
  • Fix audio stream copy with multiple audio streams
  • Fix date last episode added sorting to not be affected by dates of seasons
  • Fix error in ffmpeg filter string when burning in subtitles
  • Fix manual ungrouping of merged episodes
  • Fix extras with multi-version videos
  • Fix updating user images not immediately reflecting
  • Fix renaming library requiring full library scan

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