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URL Error: Unable to Connect to Server


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I have to state that am new to this forum and limited teck knowledge, however I will appreciate any value inputs. First kudos to MB team for this great product it complement the missing piece of XBMC, great job! guys.

I have been using XBMC for years  



1PC windows 7 (XBMC) on (LAN) Ethernet

2 laps, one vista and windows 7 (XBMC) on (WLAN) Wi-Fi

1 android box kit Kat (XBMC) on (LAN)

Western Digital (LAN)  



Currently following the setup guide, I installed MB server on PC windows 7, update XBMB3 add-on on XBMC everything works fine 



Where I have issue is where,

When I update XBMB3 on other devises could not locate PC (LAN),  

the configurations on these other units (Lap's& android) are identical to one on PC

which connect to MB server?



I have been following trends MB &XBMC sites for solution on same issue; I have applied all solutions recommended like checking firewall, UNC etc nothing seems to work I have spent days/hours on this, very frustrating but I am hopefull that solutions will surfice.

I hope I have provided info to start trouble shooting this issue, pls let know if further info is required to assist with my setup issue

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Sorry I am new to this, attached is my xbmc/xbmc3 set up, on my laptop (wifi) hoping to connect to MB server on PC server (LAN), file held on western digital (LAN)

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