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Totally 100% offline client install please?


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I have emby server installed on a laptop that is connected to a router.


I have installed kodi with embycon on my phone and figured out the process start to finish (excellent guidance videos, kudos to the creator).


I am frequently stuck in zero access to cell service / internet locations, and it is in these locations that I catch up with people who would appreciate access to my media library.


In an effort to figure out totally offline installs of kodi/embycon I have gotten as far as downloading the kodi 18.7 apk and the embycon stable zip file and gone through the installation process.


During the install it downloads a python packet. 


Can anyone tell me how to source this python packet that it downloads, and any other random components I may not (as a totally new user) be aware of in order that I can guarantee successful client side installation?


Thanks, hope you all can help.


TLDR: I downloaded everything I could to attempt a totally offline install of kodi/embycon but the installer downloads a python update from the internet.

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I guess maybe it worked on my phone because my data was connected, I'm trying it on my kindle fire hd 10 as it's definitely 100% offline.


So I first install: kodi-18.7-Leia-armeabi-v7a (predownloaded kodi android installer) - that works fine.


Then I skip the bit of the video about linking to kodi.emby.tv because I have the zip file downloaded, allow installs from zips and "install from zip file" and it sats "kodi emby addons installed"


The next step is install from repository. It shows Kodi Emby Addons but when I click on it it tells me I could not connect to repository.


What do?


The installation of the PIL seems to work fine btw. I'm just stuck at install from repository (offline)

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You will not be able to use the repository to install. You will need the actual addon zip to install directly. The way the repos addons work is they tell Kodi where to get actual addons from to install and how to keep them updated.


You will need the actual addon zip to install that.

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Part 3, install from repository, does not work. It "could not connect to repository"


1. Go to https://kodi.emby.tv/


2. Download the zip "repository.emby.kodi-1.0.6.zip" and install it from within Kodi, allowing unknown sources. This is all good so far.

  • Download the Beta or Stable repository zip file to your local hard drive from above
  • Save the downloaded repo zip file to somewhere Kodi can access it
  • In Kodi navigate to Add-ons and select "Install from zip file"
  • If prompted with a security warning about unknown add-ons select the settings button and then turn on "Unknown sources"
  • Using the file selector select the repo zip you downloaded

3. Install from repository: kodi emby addons. This doesn't work as it "could not connect to repository" even though I've tried the process multiple times with it in different parts of the android device (external/internal storage)


  • Launch Kodi, open the settings and select Add-ons
  • Scroll down and select "Install from repository"
  • Scroll down and select "Kodi Emby Addons", this is the one you just installed in step one.
  • Now select the add-on you want to install



I thought I found the solution. The device I was setting Kodi with EmbyCon up on was not connected to the network. I uninstalled everything client end, restarted both the laptop with the server and the client device... I installed Kodi and then (from the zip file) EmbyCon and Python and then went to "install from repository" and it at least showed the loading wheel for 10 seconds or so and then again: could not connect.


So, any advice please? What am I missing?


I have a laptop with Emby server and a tablet with Kodi + everything to install embycon offline. With the laptop connected to both the public wifi and my offline network then it won't work (I had it working previously on the phone after making mistakes like using my windows password instead of the emby password). 


I'm so close... yet so far.


Just did the process from scratch on my phone, it works. Why can't I get it working on my kindle fire hd 10? Halp?!?

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As I said, the repository is just to tell where on the internet to get the actual EmbyCon Add-on zip file from. You will NOT be able to use the repository to install you will need the EmbyCon Add-on ZIP to install manually.


You can download the actual EmbyCon add-on zip from here




but you will need to install the PIL addon from here first:




So download the above ZIPS and using the install from zip to install the add-ons.

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Got it! Thanks. I didn't come across those zip files anywhere so I just assumed you meant to download the repository zip.


I've now managed the totally internet free installation, cheers :)

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please don't use sources like kodi-addons club or whatever. The direct link to the kodi addon repository files is: https://mirrors.kodi.tv/addons/

Why is the other source bad?


Where is emby con in your source? I used "find in page" in both Leia and krypton sections...

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