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TheSportsDB as metadata provider


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Can we have TheSportsDB as metadataprovider ?


Was looking for a way to archive all my Formula 1 & MotoGP NBA, recordings of past years into an Emby library, but couldn't find a working solution to incorporate metadata automatically. Also for other sporting events, TheSportsDB is gaining in popularity.


I usually have many of the replays well organized but using thesportsdb as metadaprovider will be better, i don't find any way to organize well my library with sports replays 

as i can see they have an api not sure if this allow for metadata search but i pretty sure than it allows that,


e.g i have the Fifa World Cup recorded and i would like to organize it well with emby but looks like it's impossible, there is a way to get it organized until the metada provider from thesportsdb is ok 

World Cup (2018)/FIFA.World.Cup.2018.Round.of.16.Spain.vs.Russia.720p/FIFA.World.Cup.2018.Round.of.16.Spain.vs.Russia.720p.FOX.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-AJP69.mkv

so i would like to get the posters and all it metadata like (Synopsys and etc..)

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