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How to get newset version


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How can I find the newest version of emby-kodi addon? which should be

Version 4.1.19


My emby Server is and my kodi version is 17.3


I followed the instructions on https://github.com/MediaBrowser/plugin.video.emby/wiki/Emby-Repository and added http://kodi.emby.media in the filemanager, and get respoitory.emby.kodi-1.0.6 (size 0b)

The newest ver. I can see is ver. 3.0.34. Before I had ver. 4.1.16 on the same kodi client.



It installed 4.1.19, even when I only could select 3.0.34 - everthing ok, sorry. I am still having trouble with the artwork caching, but I'll put that in a new post.

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