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Is there a way to use multiple connections for remote viewers?


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I'm using Emby-server for ages, and like it really much. 


Emby runs on a NAS (x86-based), and have around 23Mbps uplink. Movies are streamed to a remote FireTV Stick 4K (paid subscription).

When video's bitrate is close to my uplink, obviously it needs to be transcoded to a lower bitrate.


That's where my problem starts:


The link between NAS->Viewer is around 23Mbps (measured by iperf), however only if I use it with -P 8 option!

What is that option? It asks iperf to run on 8 concurrent sockets (channels, etc) => so it connects to the other half on 8 parallel sockets.

This way iperf can easily go up to 23MBps in average (without too much drops).


However if I let only 1 socket for iperf, it can only do 5.00MBps. I think ISP limits this, and sometimes it jumps back to 2-3 (but then soon recovers to 5.00).

The problem is that even if I transcode it to 5MBps it usually stops, which is really annoying.


Only option is to shoot to a much lower bitrate (like 1MBps) which ruins the quality.



Is there any method to utilize more parallel sockets for transporting the media between NAS and Viewer?

Maybe with reverse proxy?



Thanks in advance!

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Luke, we might not be on the same track.


-P 8 is a paramerer for the iperf program: it creates 8 concurrent socket connections to maximize its throughput.


I would like to know if Emby has some similar option:

I.e.: is it possible to ask the player (firetv stick, or theater) to not just open one single socket to the Emby server, but create more parallel connections and reassemble the video on the client side?


This way I would not even have to transcode.


Nb.: this ISP limitation seems to apply only for abroad connections. Did some iperf tests, and when measured inland to inland, with only one thread it could reach the max bandwidth.

However if measuring from inland to abroad, there is this limitation which can be overcome by using the -P 8 option.

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