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FR-Server or Plugin? Artwork Downloader/implementer

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Say for example you discovered this awesome artwork package like @@shaefurr s Disparity, and you want to add it to your MB server. It would be awesome if you could choose to implement the whole package (I believe each of the images would have to have pre-recognized naming patterns) with just a few clicks of the mouse. And to also be able to implement say, a gaming genre package, or change it if you decide there is something you like more. Or to change to something you want to try out, but decide you don't like it, but it is so easy to change back, because you can just load the genre pack you had previously. And it could be bigger than just game genre's or library icons. Media icons, tv genre's, many other's I'm sure.


Is this something anyone would like/use/appreciate?

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I like the idea, I attempted it before with genre icons but it was just a terrible .bat file lol. I'd use it though if it was a feature that got added at some point.

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