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DLNA Profile Help Required Panasonic GT30 Series (2011 Model)


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Hi Everyone


Sorry if this has already been asked for before and exists, I have tried looking, but I could not find anything that made it work.


I have Emby Server installed on my shield, with media files stored on an external HDD that is not adopted storage (playback works perfectly on the shield).


I have been trying to get the TV upstairs, which is a Panasonic GT30 Series TV (2011 model) to play my media files from the Shield through DLNA. I can connect to the Shield server on DNLA and view folders but I have not been able to get any of my media to play. I have 2 types of media with and without subtitles.


Container        Video Codec     Audio Codec                                  


mp4                   h.264                  aac             - no subtitles

mkv                mpeg2video          ac3             - no subtitles

mkv                mpeg2video          ac3          -  DVD subtitles  


un-related to the shield set-up, I have managed to connect the TV through DLNA to a 3rd Party server on my laptop and play all of the media files perfectly on the TV, so I know the tv can play the media files through DLNA, with some Transcoding/re-muxing taking place on the Server. I used Mezzmo Server and selected the default Viera 2011 profile on that server.


I was able to see that the

input was mp4,  h.264, aac and the output file that played was mpegts, h.264, ac3

input was mkv,  mpeg2video, ac3 and the output file that played was mpeg, h.264, ac3

input was mkv,  mpeg2video, ac3 and the output file that played was mpeg, h.264, ac3 with burnt in Subs


I have attached the 2011 viera profile that I used in Mezzmo, is there anyway that someone could help me to put the information contained on that profile, into a workable profile on Emby, ideally with no subs being burnt in or displayed


I have tried to do this myself but I do not really understand it and have not been able to make it work,I have tried many different profile settings and Custom profiles putting in the output files that worked as the transcoding targets in Emby, but I just can't get it to work. The Panasonic Profile on Emby does not seem to work for me.



I really hope someone can help me with this, and thanks in advance to anyone reading this post and thinking about helping me, I know I could get a media streamer to solve this but I would prefer to get the correct details in a profile. 


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