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How to backup server and restore


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I just install and use emby from last week. I install the server on win10

I used it mostly on PC and apple tv app. Suddenly, I found it cannot find the existing server on apple tv.

I try to use it on firefox of PC. It shows "http://localhost:8096"cannot be connect.

I restart the server from taskbar icon many times. It still cannot work, even restart the PC.

I cannot find the emby server icon on start menu, even after couple times of PC restart.


Eventually, I re-install the emby server, and found that all metadata of the past week work (over hundred hours) has been vanished.

Since I has data bank for over 4 thousand movies, I work hard to find the in-recognize and mismatch movies data, and matched manually inside emby before.


After re-install server and setup those media library, it can only recognize the picture, not the right name of the movie.


I afraid that will happen again. I try emby also according to the server lost of other emby competitor, which has been used for many years.


Can you teach me how can I backup the server and restore those manually matched movie data? to avoid another disaster happen again, even change PC? Thank you


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Some is off on the PC for that to happen.  Run a check disk to make sure there isn't something needing to be corrected.


Are you running the installed version or portable version?

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