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Is this possible with new MBS Channels?

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I was trying to look into how the channels are developed, but hit a roadblock with the DLLs. Digging in to those is not my area. Anyway, I was wondering if the new channel functionality would allow for either a direct Netflix channel that simply interfaces with the regular Netflix session/interface and forwards to a client instead of having to interface with the now closed Netflix API. 


Alternatively, would it be possible to create a channel that would allow for: 

  • Install PlayOn server AND client on the same Windows box as MBS
  • Use PlayOn Client to connect to local PlayOn server to access content (including Netflix)
  • Have the channel somehow capture, scrape, whatever the stream from the PlayOn client and forward to a MBS client


So, end result would be that you could use an MB3 client (XBMB3C-windows or openelec, web browser, or the sexy new iPad app, etc) to connect to MBS and launch a video/stream from one of the PlayOn channels (to include Netflix), and enjoy that stream in all its HD goodness.


Any of you channel developers have any thoughts on such a thing?



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Ok. Thanks. 


Also, just saw the other thread in the main Server forum. I'll keep an eye on both of these in the event there's movement and testing is needed. 

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