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MB3\Mysql fast for albums and movies, slow for artists and persons


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Version 3.0.5289.18702

there seems to be a significant performance bottleneck with persons and artists views in the dashboard, and its not related to cpu or disk subsystem performance.

perhaps the database is the constraint along with the query.

(roku and android clients dont seem affected but then their views have more spurious entries)


all my content is stored locally on 5400rpm hdds

my.application /ibn is stored on SSD (across 2 partitions of same ssd)

all my views are 500 large (500 for movies, albums, persons and artists)

q6600, 4x3.2ghzcpu

6Gb ram



if i click (in dashboard) (views configured 500 large)

home - movies - movies....the 1st 500 movies are shown <1second

home - movies - persons....it take 20seconds to show persons..


albums <1s

artist or album artists >20 seconds.


It is 100% reproducible for me and make no difference how many times the query is run (ie same after all images are cached etc

the cpu and hdds are not breaking a sweat when viewed in perfmon.


2014-07-06 11:46:18.9273 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to [::1]:55920. Response time: 22874.3084 ms
FWIW the time for artists query grows somewhat  linearly as the the number of objects increases, but even with 20 objects it is slow
2014-07-06 12:11:56.3852 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to [::1]:56748. Response time: 1307.0747 ms
400 albums <.2 sec
whole log
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A while back, we made a pretty big sacrifice in performance accessing people in order to get our memory footprint down.  I'm not sure we've had time to go back and see if there is any fine-tuning that can be done to bring some of the performance back but people are a very large set of distributed data to try and retrieve against right now.

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thanks for feedback ebr.


is it odd (does it concur with your root cause analysis) that

500 episodes of 24,000 returns quickly...500 people of 23000 returns slowly.

500 songs of 60,000 returns quickly...500 album artists of 650 returns slowly.


I also notice viewing 200 album artists under reports interface is significantly quicker (by a factor of 100) than 200 album artists under music.


I also notice that the two interfaces/queries do not return the same data set...the reports query returns the 'old' dataset with non album artists, eg. soundtracks and other organisational folders which are not album artists.

might this explain why roku and android clients are not slow at showing album artists, they use the old query.

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Yes, that makes some sense because we hold the entire library structure in memory.  So actual items like albums or movies are very quick to find.  Attribute-based groupings like artists or actors require a bunch of other operations now.  But, when time permits, I'm confident Luke can fine-tune it.

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