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Embedded image causing playback error on flac audio


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I'm often playing shuffled libs quietly & continuously in the background while working - and annoyingly it stops every now & then. 

I usually run a browser ( eg chromium / chrome ) as emby client - the server is running in docker.


Today I was annoyed enough to take a closer look ;)  On this occasion I found it to be reproducible for all songs in an album

(all flac).


Browsewr UI pops up a window with  'Playback error - No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again or contact your system administrator for details.'



Browser console shows 204 & 206 Status with msg:


playing url:

playbackmanager.js?v= Active player: {"name":"Web Audio Player","id":"htmlaudioplayer","playerName":"Web Audio Player","playableMediaTypes":["Audio"],"isLocalPlayer":true,"supportedCommands":["GoHome","GoToSettings","VolumeUp","VolumeDown","Mute","Unmute","ToggleMute","SetVolume","SetAudioStreamIndex","SetSubtitleStreamIndex","SetMaxStreamingBitrate","DisplayContent","GoToSearch","DisplayMessage","SetRepeatMode","PlayMediaSource","PlayTrailers","ToggleFullscreen"]}
playbackmanager.js?v= playbackmanager playback error type: mediadecodeerror
I believe this corresponds to the following in the server logs:
2020-04-28 20:30:41.306 Info MediaInfoService: User policy for Fred. EnableAudioPlaybackTranscoding: True

2020-04-28 20:30:41.387 Info HttpServer: HTTP POST UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Ubuntu Chromium/80.0.3987.163 Chrome/80.0.3987.163 Safari/537.36
2020-04-28 20:30:41.389 Info SessionManager: Playback start reported by app Emby Web playing Have You Come To Stay. Started at 0 ms
2020-04-28 20:30:41.390 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 204 to Time: 3ms.
2020-04-28 20:30:41.411 Info HttpServer: SocketException:
2020-04-28 20:30:41.411 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 206 to Time: 109ms.,mp3|mp3,mp2,mp3|mp2,aac|aac,m4a|aac,mp4|aac,flac,webma,webm,wav|PCM_S16LE,ogg&TranscodingContainer=aac&TranscodingProtocol=hls&AudioCodec=aac&PlaySessionId=1588098544997&StartTimeTicks=0&EnableRedirection=true



Now I started looking closer at the flac file. Using metaflac I saw the file contains 4 blocks:







Trying various combinations of removing meta data, I found that deletion of the image fixes the issue:

metaflac --remove --block-number=1 Test.flac

That removes the block without the --dont-use-padding option - ie the image space is padded and the file is the same size before & after the command.


I attach Test.flac before block removal.


Is this likely a browser issue or something that can be handled in emby?






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Hi, it's an issue with the browser video player. What we need to do in this situation is handle the failure and automatically switch to transcoding. We have this in place already for video playback but we haven't added it for music just yet. We will get there though. Thanks for reporting.

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