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"Making a cup of tea" function aka managing playback when i briefly leave room


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Sometimes when watching a movie on my own or with family i have to nip out for 5 minutes "to make a cup of tea".


It would be a nice feature, perhaps an addition to the remote control ui,   if i could pull currently playing content on one device (eg Theatre) to my mobile phone (start playing at the current point) and optionally pause the content on previous device.


Then when i return to room push  the playback point back onto the original device and start playing on original device and stop playblack on phone

or just stop playback on mobile phone if the content was left to play on in theatre for family.


basically to avoid missing content when you nip out the room.


all of this functionality is there already [between the main ui and the remote control ui]  but just not in a streamlined ui in one place, hence the feature request.







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